Disaster Strikes! Do You Have a Backup Plan?

Most businesses have an operations plan when it comes to a disaster. They know how to get their employees out safely, and where they will all meet to account for everyone’s whereabouts, and who they should call if they need help; but few have a solid plan for recovering their files and data in order to get back up and running as quickly as possible.

What will you do if there is a power outage, lightning strike, flood, fire, or any other type of disaster?

Do you know exactly how will your company quickly get its servers, data and workstations operational again?

An on-site backup has it’s obvious drawbacks in the face of a disaster. If it’s in the same place as your office, then you are going to have to wait until you can safely get back into your building to access the backup system, providing it isn’t damaged. And of course going to a remote site in the same town or city, can still be an issue depending on the type of disaster you face.

This is why our hybrid cloud backup & recovery is the perfect answer. We ensure you can get every part of your critical systems and data operational as quickly as possible in any challenging situation.

We can do everything from bare-metal recovery of a server or workstation, to databases, to critical files, and more can be easily recovered to get you back up and running quickly and easily.

Over 50 million backups each year are done using hybrid cloud backup and recovery, making it one of the most used, cost-efficient methods of preparing for the worst.

Let us introduce you to hybrid cloud backup and recovery and show you how it can safeguard your business. We offer a FREE 14 day trial. To check it out for yourself, just click here.

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