Why Your Job Isn’t Done Once Your Information Has Been Backed Up

You probably know how important it is to backup your data. After all, a simple mistake and the entire infrastructure of your online operation can be compromised. Because a simple power outage or buggy link can bring your business to its knees, you’ve probably invested in backup protection already.

And then what? Don’t take a deep sigh of relief yet. Just because you’ve backed up your information doesn’t mean your job is done. A lot can still go wrong, even if you’ve done everything you need to do to protect your systems.

Files become outdated

From the moment you backup your information, it becomes dated. If you update a document the next day, suddenly the document that you backed up is no longer current. Now image how worthless your backup system is if you update your documents and systems on a daily basis throughout the year.

Instead, you have to make sure that you sync your new information with the information in your backup. This may sound like a pain, but some programs and services will do this for you automatically, as long as you’re thoughtful about where and how you’re updating your documents and systems.

Backups for your backup

Did you know that the average data center only offers an 85-success rate? If you’re working remotely, the statistic is even worse. What’s the point in taking the time and spending the money to backup your information, only to discover that nothing was backed up at all?

If you’ve backed up your information, the next step is making sure there’s a backup for that backup. It sounds redundant, but you’ll be glad you did when you realize your primary backup system failed.

Systems that don’t communicate with each other

So, you’ve taken the step to provide fail-safes for your backup system, but that’s still not enough. If those systems don’t communicate with each other, having a backup for your backup is completely useless.

Integrating your systems is essential to the success of your backup plan. Just like you have to make sure your saved documents are syncing with your backup system, so too do you have to make sure that your systems are communicating with one another. That way, when your primary backup system fails, you can feel confident knowing that other backups are accurate and up-to-date.

Feeling overwhelmed? We don’t blame you. Getting just one thing wrong can compromise the operation of your business for hours or even days at a time. Instead, trust your backup plan to the experts at Proactive Backups. Contact us today and start your 14-day trial for free!

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