4 Ways a Hybrid Cloud Backup Can Make Your Life Easier

We feel very strongly about hybrid cloud backups here at Proactive Backups. There’s no doubt that cloud backups are better than traditional methods, but better doesn’t always mean easier. As a business owner, you know that when it comes to most things, hard work is needed to get you where you need to go. But, every once in a while something comes along that’s better and it makes your life easier at the same time.

That’s definitely the case with hybrid cloud backups. Here are 4 ways a could backup system can make your life easier.

1. Unlimited access

A backup of any kind is only any good if you can access and use it when needed. Back in the day, that meant copying files to an external hard disk or copying your computers and systems on other computers. This was better than nothing, but what if your external hard disk was misplaced or it gets damaged? What if all of your computers have crashed?

This isn’t something you need to worry about with a hybrid cloud backup. The cloud can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Because it utilizes the internet, it’s there waiting for you, regardless of where that old external drive is or what condition your computers are in.

2. Faster recovery times

Did you know that recovering your systems could take hours or even days? Even worse, that your hard drive could crash before the update is even complete? Both scenarios are very bad for the operation of any business.

The cloud has you covered. Thanks to deep deduplication, you can backup your system quicker, and it can help you recover from a crash faster.

3. Bare metal restores 

It’s one thing to discover you’re dealing with an annoying virus that eats away at your data. It’s another thing altogether to discover that your computer has been completely compromised.

Doing backups on your own will likely leave you feeling confused as to what to do next. With a hybrid cloud backup system, bare metal restores aren’t a problem. You can restore your system even if you don’t have access to previously installed software or operating systems.

4. Leave the disaster recovery to someone else

Few things are more frustrating in life than getting sidetracked from what you were supposed to do with your day by spending your attention on technology that should be working properly in the first place.

Nothing is easier than a hybrid cloud backup system when you enlist the help of recovery experts. You can leave the disaster recovery to them so you can get back to work on more important things that require your attention.

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